One of Kansas City’s greatest nationally recognized talents, Nathan Granner, performed an adaptation by Greg Oliver Bodine's Charles Dickens’ classic holiday tale, “A Christmas Carol” winter 2009.

The event was set on a stage suspended over water in the middle of a thicket of gnarled trees, a perfect setting for this ghostly tale.

Granner was determined to see an almost 30 year Kansas City holiday tradition kept alive. Granner stepped into a new role with a one man performance of this holiday classic. 

The adaptation was not your traditional ensemble cast of “A Christmas Carol,” but rather a performed “reading” of the holiday classic with the voices of Scrooge himself as well as most of the cast of characters, including Marley's Ghost, The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present Belle, Bob and Mrs. Cratchitt as well as Scrooge's maid and more!

It was clearly a break from the norm and an exciting endeavor for the classically trained operatic tenor. Yet no performance with Granner would be complete without music, and the nuanced miniature musical performances in the show and in this recording bring depth and intimacy to the work.

Says Granner, “Growing up with Christmas Carol, both going with my family and being in the Kansas City Repertory show has been a big, special part of my life. I was so happy to be able to keep the tradition going”

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