• Wow, you should do this for a living

    Singer-People... seriously... How many times for real has someone told you that you need to be singing in "Phantom," or whatever?

    I can understand that this happens. But is it often enough to repost the #10thingstoneversaytoasinger every fortnight?

    I mean... if I had more people coming up to tell me that:

    A) I'd have so MANY wicked replies at the ready

    B) maybe I'd think about auditioning for Phantom.

    But hardly ever like insanely rarely has anyone ever come up to me and said that. Most times these days it's on our the performers' shoulders to break the ice. That's a real skill because I find most people have more in common with Phantom than with say, Norma... much less Wozzek. 

    Our job is not only to carry off the story on stage, but also to remain a genial host after the show.   

    It's a challenge for me because, no matter what anyone thinks, I really am a shy person. I have to push through my introspective self and make myself available to people. The more performances of mine people go to the more we ALL learn about each other. 

    We get get to know the repertoire together and explore together as both audience and performer. I think it's important to have rapport, to share a confidence, to laugh with ... whatever it is. The time in the theater whether it be backstage or on it or after the show at a reception, these times are sacred and special. 

    Maybe ill audition for Phantom. Personally, I'll take Jean Valjean. ;)