• Not perfect @ the JOBB

    A new colleague of mine after we had worked a 30top party (top is slang for thirty people) had a great observation. Some people are just unhappy with what you do and there's nothing you can do about it. I cant even think about it. It's out of my mind. One person was really mad at us and the rest had a great time.
    Training at the restaurant has been a robust challenge for me. I have had exactly two JOBBs in like fifteen years. This is one of them. I love the prospect of it, don't get me wrong. It's going to help me pay my rent and be a kind of place where folks can find me. I can also work on some of my singing rep there.
    I took about three tables after the 30top. I had it mostly handled, but made some errors. Came too late to a table to fill their drinks with any decorum. They had to ask... one of my serving pet-peeves. and THEN I woke up last night with the thought,

    "NO ICE in the Pepsi!"

    I gave a guest ice when they asked for none and forgot.... until it woke me up five hours later. Mom, I also remembered the name of that commedian (Jim Gaffigan). Fortunately those two mistakes were fielded with grace by my guests. OH, and I knocked a couple pieces of pizza off the tray and had to bring out a new pie with two few slices. We comped them a new pizza... I was my second evening to have tables since like, the early 2000's. I know what I want to do. I know what I have to do. I'm just not there yet. 

    Certainly it is a reflection on me and my capabilities. 
    But am I ashamed that I'm not the best restaurant server? Well, only somewhat. Only to the extent that I am motivated to be excellent. I am grateful to my colleagues and staff for affording me time to get better. Serving tables should be like performing a role. It must become second nature. ANd it will. There are only just so many buttons to push, only so many times when I get my process and procedure down, only so many people's names to learn.
    BelCanto singing is like this. Once you learn a run, you will see that figure in other works and you will automatically know it. You just have to learn it right, or having to RELEARN a figure is like reading the Terms of Service contract every website has. 
    These tasks, waiting tables, singing BelCanto, tyeing a suture, for you health service people, all take time to learn to do properly. Some people get it immediately and with others, like me, it takes a while. In the end though, I get it. And I'm not saying i just get it, I GET it. I inhabit it. 
    Until then I rely upon the good-will of friends, colleagues and strangers to have the grace to allow me my mistakes. And if not, I will put that ill-will out of my head and move on. There was nothing for me there anyway.
  • FB friends, I just have to express to you how really lucky I am. This job... singing... is not something that I would really recommend to anyone. It is truly wrought upon somebody.

    One day you wake up and your life, that you thought was going someplace is halted, shaken and put into a completely different world. I'm sure it's not just a singing thing, it's a talent thing, throughout disciplines. You show an affinity and you get swept up into the world that looks for new, better, fresh, able, whatever... To be continued

    nathan granner