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  • So Many New Operas

    An Awesome article by columnist Anne Midgette about the state of Opera these days. The piece is two years old, so new pieces have been added to the list. How many? Dunno. I estimate about 35 new works a year.

    Thirty five... produced. In this particular Washington Post article there are over seventy!

    Opera is a weird bird, man. I mean, the opera world. You look across the great spectrum of music performance being created and one would think that for live music, musical theater is the genre getting the breaks, but hold on a second. There is a thriving world of opera music out there that the general populace misses, and then bags on it when hey hear a snippet.

    It's not that the museum pieces need not be produced. Think about it. If you go to a proper museum, there are several wings, each with a different era or collection emphasis. Or go to a number of galleries. Each gallery has it's own emphasis. The vastness of collected memories and thoughts across the globe is staggering. 

    The number of musical venues is also staggering and they are not all rock clubs and halls. There are jobs here. Work to propel us across the universe. From composers to singers, players and ticket sellers... it's a pretty heady time. And for opera, I mean It's not staggering, but the work is substantial.

    Some pieces will pop out and last and others will ebb and flow over time, with some subject or news tossing a title to the stage now and again. So interesting to see how it goes. I'm so interested in being a part of it.

    from Anna Nicole  by Mark-Anthony Turnage

    from The Emperor of Atlantis by Viktor Ullmann with a libretto by Peter Kien