Live Audio; no touch ups
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Sometimes lifetimes are lived on the stage in a single moment. These recordings are some  recent perfect examples.

Milonga Carrieguera -- From Maria de Buenos Aires in Bydgoszcz, Poland. A powerful performance, an amazing, long standing ovation at the end of this show shocked and delighted all. 

Che Gelida manina - 2015 Orchestra dress tech from Tulsa Opera

In Der Ferne 2013 -- From a recording session of the Franz Schubert song cycle "Schwanengesang." 

If I Loved You -- from April 2012 in Folsom, CA.

"I feel it was the closest I'd come to personally connecting the character and the technique of this piece." 

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning 2010 - performed in recital in Seaside, FL during an artist residency

"I was in called 'Escape to Create.' Arranger Jeffrey Rukaman and I had put together this WeeSmallHours show as a pop rock jazz song cycle, but it was meant to be performed as a rock show with microphone and electric guitars and such.

...We did the whole cycle like an acoustic classical recital. Incredibly difficult, as some of these piece were meant for microphone. With a microphone my low baritone notes have good support through amplification, but in a acoustic setting and as a tenor, things had to be done differently. There were awesome moments in the performance that were once in a lifetime. I'll never forget it and I'm glad to share this  particular piece with you."

Live Audio
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    Milonga Carrieguera - from Maria de Buenos Aires - Bydgoszcz, Poland 2015

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    Che gelida live reh 2015

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    in der ferne (raw audio) 2013

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    if I Loved You (lo-res live) 2012

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    Una Furtiva Lagrima 2010

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    Nathan Granner & Jeffrey Rukaman --In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning