A Producing Artist (music) is a person who performs standard, collaborative and new repertoire by being a creator or co-creator of a multiple of projects. 

The Creative

"If nobody has killed anyone by the time the show goes up, it's a raging success..."
Nathan Granner -- on producing 

Nathan Granner has been producing and collaborating on National Tours, Installation Pieces, Theatrical Productions, Music Events, Community Events, Radio, Film and Television for over a decade.

As a producer, Granner marshals innovative ideas and personnel to facilitate creative endeavors. As a collaborator, he uses his talents as musician, actor and visual artist to listen first and then visualise cool ways of making things happen.

In 2010 Granner set off to devise a three project plan. Produce a rock show based upon a Frank Sinatra Album (WeeSmallHours), produce an album of historical Hymns for his Grandmother (HYMN - Songs of Great Faith) and co-produce/facilitate a new opera (The Gospel of Judas).

in 2011-12 Granner produced The American Tenors national tour. From communicating with the tour promoters and sponsors to advancing the dates to helping drive the 9 ton tour bus, Nathan was front and center during the entire process, including as one of the three tenors, who received standing ovations and "best show I've ever seen" from thousands of people.

At the same time as producing and managing the tour, Nathan artistic directed and performed in the first National PBS Broadcast at Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City. He conceptualized, collaborated and facilitated the artistic process for the sold out performance which included 54 of Kansas City's top artists.

"It's very interesting producing, you know, " Says Granner, "Like, hardly anyone recognizes that I do this. Put together stuff. Honestly, I'd rather be in the stage singing, but it's a drug. When everyone is doing their thing and on their mark and the backstage is dimly lit and somebody comes up to me, hugs me and quietly says thank you, that's the thing that fills me up and makes me do it again."